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Our photos can be used for many reasons!
Think web design, marketing, home/business décor, student presentations, banners, gifts and many more!

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where Vizi Affiliates can compete, sell, buy, lead, and mentor.

Be a Vizi Star

The journey to becoming a Vizi Star starts with you becoming an Affiliate and then entering our monthly photo contests.

  • Complete the registration process through the Affiliate Register tab.
  • Depending on what type of photo you want to submit, you can either compete in the ViziLook contest (general images), or in the ViziSparkles contest (themed images).
  • You may submit/upload one digital photo per day.
  • Each digital photo must be 300 dpi or better, 30 mb or smaller, and be in black & white or color.

Be a Vizi Affiliate

You can earn money by becoming a Vizi Affiliate! Here’s how you get started:

  • First, register yourself as an Affiliate.
  • Second, sign the Affiliate Agreement.
  • Third, pay $49.95 to set up your first Business Center.
  • Your Business Center will follow a multi-level marketing model and be structured within a powerful 2x8 matrix.
  • To earn matrix commissions from your whole Business Center, as an Affiliate you need to sponsor just two people.
  • More details are available through Vizi Opportunity.

Be a Vizi Earner

Here are some of the different ways Affiliates can earn through Vizi365:

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The prize money for a winning non-cover photo in any of our contests is $20.

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If your photo is selected as the cover photo for one of our E-Magazines, you will get awarded $365!

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You will earn $0.50 from each sale of your photos through ViziStock.

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Our generous compensation plan could help Affiliates make additional money.

Ready to get started?

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